Filip Popović
Rebel in the kitchen

Filip Popović

„You will be a grand gourmand one day“ his grandma Bozica used to tell him, while he found his way through her kitchen, always ready to help and eager to dip his spoon into the future delicacy coming from her stove.

Throughout his career, there was always one term capable of encompassing his entire approach to food preparation, ingredients, and purpose: simplicity.

„The simple satisfactions are the hardest to achieve, as they demand skill and confidence“ Filip states, as he speaks of those who influenced his work.

Filip has been cooking alongside world-famous chefs such as Jeffrey Velle, Andrej Barbieri and Toma Gretic, yet, as far as influences go, he finds the moment of cooking beside Pierre Gagnaire on the opening of the hotel Monte Mulini, the brightest in his career, a sort of a game changer.

Often depicted as a skilled organizer, a modern interpreter of Mediterranean cuisine, and a great educator, Filip shares plans for the upcoming season.

What does BBQ on the seafront terrace sound like? Just right, we agree! Filip will be performing his magic by creating meals off the menu, made in front of the guests, out of the freshest ingredients with 4-7 courses, paired with an outstanding selection of wines.