Forza Porto

Monday – Sunday: 8am – 1am

Answering the highest standards in hospitality and based on cultural heritage, our bespoke chefs take the tradition to heart, warmly welcoming guests and providing them with a truly outstanding dining experience. 

The locally-inspired menu is prepared with dedication and supreme care, presenting a modern twist on traditional favorites, accompanied by specially selected wines from an extensive world-class list.

Our Forza Porto invites you to feel the spirit of the region while enjoying an experience as unique as our overall approach to details that make a world of difference.

Exclusive Experience Club

Indulge yourself in tailored recommendations, impeccable fine dining, and authentic local experiences with our 24/7 concierge services ready to make your every wish happen. For the impossible, we need a little time. Everything else we can do instantly.

A colorful sensation for all senses

In the XVth century the Market was held on Sundays at the square in front of St.Tryphon, making it difficult for liturgical rites to be practiced. It got banned soon by the Bishop of Kotor and never again happened on a Sunday. The market changed its site during the centuries many times, but kept its […]