Kotor and Dobrota – the places with beauty described through legends

Kotor and Dobrota – the places with beauty described through legends

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Ivana Srdanovic
Photos: Milos Matovic


At the foot of Mt Lovcen and at the very top of Boka Bay you will find Kotor, an astonishing town and a port, known for its legends.

Starting from the Main Gate which represents the entrance to a different, magical world, weaved from stone and various architectural styles, to the Cathedral of St Trifun from the XII century, Kotor has always been a source of everlasting inspiration and beauty.

One thing is for sure. If you are in Kotor, you should by all means visit Dobrota too, the small town located in Kotor’s immediate vicinity, just 3 kilometres away.

It’s highest rise and a great boom Dobrota achieved during the XVII and XIX centuries when most of the ships landed in its harbour. In 1717 Dobrota gained the status of a maritime city.

Just as the origin of Kotor is connected to the legend of the Greek villa Alkimi, who guided immigrants to locate the city by the sea, and not on the mountain, Dobrota’s nascency is attached to a legend, too.

Two poor world travelers came to a grey sea. As they were exhausted from the long trip, they sat on a rock and saw an inscription that read, “Measure 10 lengths, dig, and stop.” They measured the required length, dug, and uncovered a small chest. At the bottom of the chest were golden words—“This is everyone’s goodness.”

That night before they went to sleep, they saw other shimmering words—“Wish for whatever you want before you sleep.” They wished for nice stone houses and beautiful wives, and when they woke up, they saw two white castles and women looking out the windows at the sea. So every night before they went to sleep, they wished for more nice houses, and they always woke up and saw them.

The picturesque and docile place Dobrota was born from this legend. It is a real discovery for all those who crave for a peaceful holiday and a warm sea. Beside the sea and stone houses with old shades is a long promenade passing by mansions and many churches that make a great and unforgettable impression about the most populated place in the municipality of Kotor.

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