FORZA HOTELS, luxury 5 star boutique hotels

FORZA HOTELS, luxury 5 star boutique hotels

Produced by Coba&associates

This season opening its doors with more force than ever!

At the waterfront of Boka Bay, tucked in a small village of Dobrota, our luxury 5 star boutique Forza Hotels wait for you, accentuating both comfort and luxury. For over 10 years, impeccably intertwining the sense of privacy with a friendly, open-hearted atmosphere, we, at Forza Hotels have been promising each of our guests excellence both in service and experience.

This season, the time came to refurbish our identity for it to stand on the equal footing with our hospitality.

In buliding of the brand architecture the task was to define the shared values of both hotels and to place Forza Mare and Forza Terra with that shared vision under the Forza Hotels brand.

It was an easy job for Coba&associates studio from Belgrade (link to website) as it took them minimal time to recognize the key words and principles our Forza hotels are famous for: both being nestled and tucked away in beauty of the astonishing surroundings of the Boka Bay, private and personal offering an oasis for all who seek true peace, family-owned thus warm, dedicated and genuine, yet luxuriously styled and uniquely designed in order to offer both comfort and an extraordinary experience to our guests. Not forgetting the tastes we are proud of: tasteful details, delicious menu and local wines from our own winery.

Based on these brand attributes the central theme was created, followed by the adequate tone of voice and specific messages that depict us best.

The recognition of our values came in gold – with the sign formed by the union of the letters “F” and “H”, unmistakably representing our “artisans of care” approach, as the philosophy of thoughtful attention to detail can be felt throughout our architecture, design, exquisite menu and service.

As we learned through many years in hospitality sector – „Curious travelers see the world differently because they find inspiration in unexpected places.“

Our new website now shows those differences existing in our hotels, capable of coming to terms with all who seek inspiration.

Easily walked through, our new website tells stories that take us way back through time through legends of our locality, tells tales we can dive in by relaxing in our highly engaging yet relaxing rooms, and emphasize all that is locally flavored and seasonally garnished in terms of our menu, our winery and our own confectionary shop, that stands as a legend itself.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
Welcome and get tucked away in beauty,

General manager of Forza Hotels, Bojan Joketic
“The change came as a result off all those years striving to achieve the right to be GOLDEN”